Our Family Restaurant

Humberto (Beto) and Jada met in Madison, SD at the restaurant where Beto was working. A short year and a half later, they were married and soon after were expecting their first child. Wanting to work together in the community they call home, opening Los Tapatios is their dream for their family.

The name "Los Tapatios" is a reflection of Beto's family home in Mexico. Beto is from the state of Jalisco. A person from Jalisco is known as a Tapatio (similar to how we would call someone a South Dakotan). Because this is a family business, "Los Tapatios" is the perfect name for our restaurant.

We invite you to join us as we deliver a personalized dining experience exceeding expectations for quality and service!

Skipper’s Pizza

We've moved into the Skipper's location and changed the sign over the door, but you can still find your favorite Skipper's Pizza right here!

Don't forget to try our new Mexican pizza: a layer of refried beans covered in mild salsa topped with chorizo, diced tomato, ripe black olives and shredded cheese with a dollop of sour cream! Delish